Step 7: Marketing

Outreach and marketing are arguably the most important tasks of your website. I always didn't prioritize this much up until late 2017. Believe me now, this is an incredibly important piece of your web presence.

Recommended Marketing Resources

Social Report

Complete Social Media Management Platform

This all-in-one social media management platform probably has more features than any other social media management platform. I've tried 3 other management solutions before this and this product is the only one that offers the features it does within the number social profiles I need for the price.

It also looks nice too. As with any web product I gush over, the support is really good. They had to help me twice in a span of a few months. They've fixed the issue quickly both times.

Plans start at $50/month.

Visit Social Report

Use What Works and Get Quick Wins First

There's a lot of information out there and I want what's best and what works long term. I'm happy to pass those tidbits along to you. Rest assured that I'm busy doing and experimenting in this phase as I'm particularly weak in it at the present time. I look forward to sharing what's real and working to help you sift through the garbage that's out there.

Here's a few ideas in addition to the content below to help get you started:

  • Connect to Google Search Console to make sure your content is reachable.
  • If you have a local business and need help getting on Google, check out your state's local SBDC office for no cost business advising. These SBDC locations are usually partners with the Grow with Google program.
  • Connect to Bing Webmaster Tools to make sure your content is reachable.
  • Join related online communities, network with others, and comment on relevant blog posts within your niche.
  • If you've done something cool with your website theme, submit your website to your theme company's theme showcase.

Choose One Vertical to Focus On

It's OK to get setup on multiple different tools and platforms, like the webmaster tools and social media.

However, I recommend the main focus on your traffic driver to be one offering. So what's it going to be? Paid ads, organic SEO, or word of mouth?

I've decided to do organic SEO so you'll see more content on that strategy. The others will come in time.

Other Social Media Managers

Social media managers save so much time and they have great team functions so you can outsource some of the action.

I tried Buffer, Hootsuite, and Social Report. I used Social Report for a while and really enjoyed it. They were the only game it town that had a reasonable social media profile slot count and supported Google+, which many vendors didn't. I wanted Google+ to be my main social media channel. The joke's on me though, Google+ has shut down and I'm not using the full features Social Report offers. It does have amazing features, but it ended up being a little overkill for what I actually need now. Furthermore, the cost is very high.

Marketing Related Posts

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